Our specialist accountancy service for the aviation consultants is one of the most competitive in the market. We help many Aviation Consultants minimise their tax and increase their take home pay. Aviation consultants have different tax structure from other consultants because of the nature of the VAT.We work hard to ensure that we maximise the take home pay and at the same time we ensure that we take away the hassle and stress of running your own limited company.

Many Aviation consultants are normally not aware that the HMRC rules relating to IR35 apply to them as well. We help Aviation consultants to avoid the pitfalls of IR35 and plan our tax strategy to maximise the take home pay.

We understand the requirements of Aviation consultants and we aim maximise the income potential without risking HMRC investigations.

Most Aviation consultants are unaware that the rules of IR35 apply to them. Without proper planning, a consultants can fall within the rules of IR35 and therefore become liable to increased PAYE taxes. If the rules are not applied properly, HMRC can investigate the financial records and impose penalties.

Take Home pay Calculator

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We ensure that our aviation consultants take advantage of all expense to minimise tax. Our extensive Expense guide gives more details. More…..

The above take home pay calculator illustrates the maximum take home pay a contractor can take out of the Limited Company.
We have had to make a number of assumptions which includes that the contract falls outside the rules of IR35. As most aviation consultants do not charge VAT, we have not included VAT in the above computations.
We would strongly recommend that you have a chat with one of our specialist accountant who will tailor a tax strategy with your individual circumstances.

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